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Sieve plastic parts

Sieve plastic parts

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Sieve plastic parts

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Product name Sieve plastic parts
category (Molding/Plastic Parts/Metal Parts/Assembling/Racing parts/Others) Plastic Parts
Material PPG10U
Description Plastic parts of sieve
Application Sieve plastic parts,Agricultural use
Processing Injection
Product Features Stable performance, reliable quality and long service life.
Ownership of Mold & Design Our customer
Market USA (selling to worldwide)
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Our Services & Strength

Pre-sale service:

Our company provide good salesman for professional and promptly communication.

In-sale service:

We have strong designer teams, will support customer R&D, If the customers send us samples, we can make product drawing and do the modification as per
customer request and send customer for approval.Also we will accord our experience and knowledge to provide customers our technological suggestions.

After-sale service:

If our product have quality problem during our guarantee period, we will send you free for replace the broken piece;also if you have any issue in using our products,
we provide you professional communication.

Packing & Delivery

Packaging Detail: one set packed individually in plastic bag to prevent from damaging and scratches in transporting, then in carton.

Delivery Detail: around 15 days..

High Performance Aluminum Hose Ends Socket Spanner AN Alloy Wrench

Container Loading & Shipment

May loaded in pallets if required by clients;

Shipment options:

By courier door to door like Fedex, DHL, UPS etc;

By Air to buyer's airport;

By Sea to buyer's seaport.

Our forwarder can also handle door to door delivery by air and sea (based on DDU terms).

Other shipment options may also available if required by clients

About us

Products Range

1, Injection molds & Plastic parts

Material: PP, ABS, PC, ABS+PC, Nylon, delrin (POM), PMMA, AS, PS, PE, PET, PVC, PEEK, etc; GF added material (ABS+GF, PA66+GF, PA666+GF); Rubber like material (TPE, PU, NBR, silicone, NBR+TPE etc)

Special specification available depend on different material and requirement: scracth resistant, flame resistant, UV resistant, food grade, chemical resistant, etc.
Sizes: All size and thickness available.
Process: Injection molding, overmolding.
Surface finish: texture (VDI/MT standard, or made to client's sample), polished (high polish, mirror polish), smooth, painting, powder coating etc.
Colors: clear (standard clear or high optical clear), semi-transparent, other colors (pantone code #, or made to client's sample).
Application: household commodities, electronics, car parts OME & Performance, motorcycles, bikes, machinery parts, hospital, cosmetics, Military and Aerospace etc.

2, Metal parts

Material: aluminium (6061, 7075, A380 etc), stainless steel (SS304, SS316), carbon steel, brass, zinc, etc.
Special specification available depend on different material and requirement: heat treatment to different hardness/strength, rust-resistant, high precision,
Sizes: All size and thickness available.
Process: Machining, casting, die casting, punching/stamping, extrusion, welding, laser cutting (some of the processes are outsourcing from our existed partners).
Surface finish: polished (high polish, mirror polish), smooth, blasting, vibrating, anodizing (standard o hard anodizing), painting, powder coating, blackening, etc.
Application: household commodities, electronics, car parts OME & Performance, motorcycles, bikes, machinery parts, hospital, cosmetics, Military and Aerospace etc. 

3, Assembly service 

We have assembly line and assembly workers in our workshop.
We making plastic and metal parts, and we sourcing some accessories if needed like hardwares (different kind of screws, bolts & nuts), wires/harness, switches, LED bulbs, batteries, motors, magnets, bearings, glue or double sided stickers, sticking foam, color boxes, printing etc, and assemble them with the plastic and metal parts which we made in our workshops.

4, Car OEM parts & Performance/racing parts

Above products are made in our own workshops.
Some parts made by our partners (related companies): like ultrasonic machines, magnets etc. SV are authorized to sell and export to overseas market. SV also sources products for our clients if needed (as a one stop service to save our client's time, cost & risks).

Core competitiveness & Features

1, Good quality & good quality consistancy & good pricing.
70% of our manufactured products are sold to European and North American market, 10% to other developed countries like Australia, Singapore, Japan etc.
We following ISO quality control system.

2, High credibility & high responsibility.
Management willing to spend more cost or undertake loss to maintain long-time partnership with our clients, this philosophy already deep in everyone's mind in our company (management, sales, engineers, workers etc).

3, Good communication, international/global/westenized vision.
Our sales are only employed if they have got high level English language certificate;
Since most of products are exporting to European and North American market, our team (management, sales, engineers, workshop workers) have a very good understanding on European & North American market's requirement.

4, Professional in manufacturing, handling export procedures and shipment.
We have several engineers has over 20 years experience in product development & manufacturing.
Our sales manager has over 15 years experience in handling exporting projects.

5, Offering one stop service for product development, manufacturing and assembly.
We have purchase dept to source the accessories needed for assembly in our workshop, like color boxes, printing, screws, electronic parts, motors, batteries, magnets, stickers or other parts which we donot make ourselves but needed by our clients.

6, Enjoys very high ratings from our clients.
See below link ratings from our European and North American clients:

Workshops & facilities

*About Sino Vision Vehicle & Service Co., Limited

*SINO VISION is a ISO certified Hongkong registered company with a promising strategy in Product development, manufacturing & international business.
It has its sub-factories or companies registerred in Ningbo, Taizhou and Hangzhou cities,

*It has main production/strategy for the following line:

**Product development & mass production:

--Injection molds & plastic products, including injection molds, auto plastic parts, industrial machinery parts, home appliance parts, daily commodity products etc.

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--Metal parts, processing involved machining, punching/stamping, casting etc. Material including aluminium, steel, stainless steel, brass, copper etc.

--Assembly service (we have an assembly line of 10 to 20 workers).

**Auto parts (both OEM & Performance Parts) for overseas OEM, replacement & car tuning markets;

*Sino Vision has 5 workshops located in Ningbo, Taizhou & Hangzhou: molding (100% owned), plastic injection (100% owned), metal parts production (100% owned), assembly (100% owned), racing car parts (share holding).

*Sino Vision has a very high ratings from our clients from Europe and North America (80% of its products exporting to Europe & America), and enjoys a good name in its credibility and quality.

*SINO VISION strives to continuous development and promising future with you by its greatest effort. And quality is its top concern in brand establishment.

*Your enquiries and your different cooperation proposals will be highly appreciated and positively considered.

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Sino Vision Vehicle & Service Co., Limited

Ningbo SV Plastic Hardware Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Shiye Plastic & Metal Products Co., Ltd.


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Saturday, Sunday: Closed


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