About Sv

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    Our Business

    Product R&D (Designing, molding/tooling);
    Plastic and metal parts fabrication;
    Assembling service;
    Car performance/racing parts;
    80% of our products are sold to developed markets like North American,European, etc.
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    Our Vision

    To be an integral
    manufacturer of designing,
    tooling & mass production
    of plastic & metal products
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    Our Mission

    Activate the
    inspiration and innovation,
    utilize our facility to realize it.
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    Our Value

    Being responsible
    to community,
    employees and customers;
    Enhancing cohesion and
    loyalty; Forcusing on
    sustainable development


Sv Projects

  • Wheel chair parts

    Project name: Customized wheel chair parts (Permobil smartdrive project). Including: Plastic & rubber parts, metal pars, screws and assembling service, totally over 80 parts. Application: Wheelchair parts OEM. Customer: Permobil. Features: Many inserts overmolded, bearings installed, high quality consistant requirement. We are in partnership with Permobil since 2013.

  • Camera Mount

    Project name: Bike camera /computer Mount (bicycle accessories parts). Including: Aluminium mounts, Plastic mounts, adapters, O-rings, screws and assembling service. Application: Install on bicycle handle bar to fix the camera or computer. Customer: ACS, USA. Features: full series, OEM customized, high quality, high market share. We are in partnership with ACS /barfly since 2014.

  • Foot washer

    Project name: Foot washer for the disabled. Including: body, frame, pedal, pipes, tanks, motor, pump, switch, battery, harness, nozzles, springs, screws, clamps, assembling. Material: PP, ABS, TPE, rubber seals, stainless steel. Application: Household Electric Appliances, Foot washing device for disabled or inconvenient people. Customer: Yahalamall, Saudi Arabia. Features: complete set of foot washer, OEM, electronic parts, wires, assembling.

  • Medical machine parts

    Project name: Medical beauty phototherapy device. Including: plastic parts, metal parts. Material: PC, ABS/PC, PFA, UL94 V-0. Application: Phototherapy apparatus. Customer: Galactic Beauty, USA. Features: High surface requirement, painted, powder coated; inserts overmolded, Medical grade, Flame retardant V-0, PFA injection.

  • Cash Cannon

    Project name: cash cannon, money gun, OEM. Including: plastic parts, silicone roller, metal bracket, pins, screws, pins, springs, motor, battery, harness, assembly and color box. Application: Spray money toys. Customer: Kwasmo Enterprises, USA. Features: Patented, original design OEM, first in the market, motor assembly, very popular.

  • Thin-wall parts Optical

    Project name: Optical sight lens transparent polycarbonate with 0.25mm thickness. Material: PC. Application: Optical sight lens for gun. Customer: NIGHT FISION, USA. Feature: Very thin wall thickness (0.25mm), PC;very high transparency (Optical clear).

  • QR fittings

    Project name: Quick Disconnect Fittings (car performance parts). Application: For Fuel, Brake Fluid, or engine coolant (different O-ring material); Car tuning Customer: worldwide. Features: top quality; The fitting that can be?connected or disconnected?pipeline without tools. Note: we have over thousands of car performance aluminium fittings and braided hose available.

  • Racing Pipe bending

    Project name: Pipe bending for German client (Racing Exhaust Pipe, aluminium pipes). Including: racing headers, middle pipes, endpipes, converters, mufflers, aluminium pipes. Material: material of SS304(mirror polished), SS316(mirror polished), AL6063 (black coated). Application: Racing, car tuning, to improve the engine exhaust performance. Customers: customized, exclusive sales, for Germany. Features: very professional, high performance, TUV approval, highest quality made in China, selling to Germany.


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