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SV Advantage

SV Advantage

Core Competitiveness & Features Of Sino Vision


Professional in manufacturing, handling export procedures and shipment.

We have several engineers has over 20 years experience in product development & manufacturing.
Our general engineer worked for more than 15 years in Foxconn as leader of NB production  department.  
Our sales manager has over 15 years experience in handling exporting project.


Good quality & good quality consistancy & good pricing.

70% of our manufactured products are sold to European and North American market, 10% to other  developed countries like Australia, Singapore, Japan etc.
We are ISO certified factory.



High credibility & high responsibility.

Our management is much willing to spend more in quality improvement or pay close attention to  details to maintain long-time partnership with our clients, this philosophy already deep in  everyone's mind in our company (management, sales, engineers, workers etc).




Good communication, international/global/westenized vision.

Our sales are only employed if they have got high level English language certificate;
Since most of products are exporting to European and North American market, our team  (management, sales, engineers, workshop workers)  have a very good understanding on European &  North American market's requirement.


Offering one stop service for product development (design & molding), manufacturing and assembly.

We have engineers/workers and capacity to offer one stop service, detail like product design,  mold design, molding, injection, stamping, CNC machining, assembling etc.  
We have purchase dept to source the accessories needed for assembly in our workshop, like color  boxes, printing, screws, electronic parts, motors, batteries, magnets, stickers or other parts  which we donot make by ourselves but needed by our clients.


Enjoys very high ratings from our clients.

See below online ratings from our European and North American clients:






1. Management and Engineers with over 15 years in product development, manufacturing & export;

2. 80% of our products exporting to USA, Germany & Australia;

3. Willing to spend more cost or undertake loss to solve issues;

4. Good communication, international/westernised vision.

5. one stop service for product development (design & molding), manufacturing and  assembly.