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Clip grip kickstand mobile phone case ring buckle bracket

Clip grip kickstand mobile phone case ring buckle bracket

Short Description:

There are grips. There are kickstands. With the push of a button, you can convert the clip into a steady kickstand. The dual locking mechanism will hold a phone at a handy 75 degrees in portrait or landscape.
The versatile kickstand is great for video conferencing, watching videos, FaceTime, following recipes.
The Clip was designed to be used with the phone inside the pocket and the clip lever on the outside of the pocket. Push the side button, lift the lever open, and enjoy your phone in landscape or portrait. Push the side button again to release the lock.

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  The ring gives you a solid one-handed grip on the go, lying down, sitting up, upside down, playing games, shooting video, or taking selfies. Landscape or portrait. Reach every corner of your phone with one hand without adjusting your grip. 

 The Clip holds tight to your pockets or your bag. Your phone is always in fast reach. 

 It's also a kickstand with a slick all-metal mechanism to hold your phone in portrait or landscape.





  One-hand grip  >>

Reach your whole screen

with one hand

<<  Pocket clip

Keep your phone in reach

in a pants or bag pocket

Kich stand >>

Portrait landscape perfect for

working, creating, or entertaining